Gua Sha Stone and Rose Squalane set
Gua Sha Stone and Rose Squalane set
Gua Sha Stone and Rose Squalane set
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Gua Sha Stone and Rose Squalane set

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Get the set - A Rose Quartz Gua Sha stone and B3 Rose Squalane full size bottle set for facial massage 

Comes in a cotton bag that can also be used for storage.

Gua Sha stone for facial massage.

Rose Quartz for love and healing.

Gua Sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique. It loosely translates to scraping or rubbing toxic energy with the flow of blood to surface of skin.

Using the Gua Sha stone as a home facial treatment you can:
-Provide relief from stress
-Improve your skin’s health
-Increases skin tone and circulation
-Encourages lymphatic drainage

Here are some Gua Sha guidelines for a home care routine.

1. Use the right kind of facial oil to provide a slip/slide. Using the wrong oil or combo of products can cause product pilling, potential redness and may interfere with the calming effects. The B3 Rose Squalane is my chosen product for this -

2. Placement is important. For the basic Gua Sha stroke hold the stone between 15 to 45 degrees on the skin to maximize the contact between the tool and your skin. This positioning is the most efficient placement for moving lymph.

3. The neck is the connector to the face. Moving along the neck is equally as important as moving along the face.

4. Take your time. Move slow and steady. You want to move slowly and connect your breath with your movement.

5. Use a light pressure. To move the lymph efficiently a gentle pressure is ideal.

Rose Squalane from B3 - 1 oz


This gorgeous oil adds the extraordinary beauty of Squalane and Rose together to make one incredible hydrating and beneficial oil for your skin. 

Squalane is naturally produced in our own skin, but as we age, we stop producing as much. Naturally found in olives, this 100% saturated oil moisturizes, fights acne and rids of blemishes.

Widely known as “liquid gold,” Roses are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. Not only is it deeply moisturizing, Rose can help reduce inflammation and acne, refine skin’s texture, calm sensitivities and reduce signs of aging and the appearance of scars.

100% Natural Squalane Oil, MCT Oil, Bulgarian Rose Oil

From Fox & Doll San Francisco


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