Anisa Angled Concealer Brush
Anisa Angled Concealer Brush
Anisa Angled Concealer Brush

Anisa Angled Concealer Brush

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Anisa Angled Concealer Brush

Concealing is made easy with our skin-perfecting concealer brush, designed to press any concealer into the skin effortlessly.

The domed, oval head shape mimics your fingertip, fitting perfectly under the eyes and anywhere on the skin – plus, the tip of the brush gives detailed application for coverage over blemishes. We’ve got you covered.

Perfectly pairs with cream and liquid concealer and color corrector.


Innovatively designed, medium-sized angled oval head shape offers controlled blending

Slightly domed brush head presses concealer into the skin

Densely packed vegan fibers provide medium to full-coverage application

Patented handle designed for balanced comfort and control

100% cruelty-free



Blend the product into the skin using pressing motions.

For detailed application over blemishes, use the tip of the brush head to blend, using gentle patting motions.

To build coverage, use light patting motions to blend the product.

Daily/Weekly: Use our Quick Dry Brush Cleaner 2.0 to lift excess residue, oil, and dirt from your brush fibers – a waterless, alcohol-free “dry clean” with no drying time required.

Add a dime-sized amount of washing cleanser to a Brush Cleaning Pad.
With or without adding any water, gently work washing cleanser into the brush head by massaging the fibers on the Brush Cleaning Pad surface using circular motions.
Add some water to create a lather, then rinse thoroughly.
Pat the brush head with a clean towel to absorb water and gently reshape the brush head.
To dry lay the brush flat with the brush head hanging over the edge of a surface.
For detailed brush cleaning instructions & tips check out this blog post -

Anisa brushes are some of the key makeup brushes I use in my professional makeup kit and personally at home. 

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