Magical Gua Sha Facial Mist
Essential Clearing

Magical Gua Sha Facial Mist

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Magical Gua Sha Facial Mist, flower essence formula, created by Essential Clearing in Richmond, CA. Made to use on the face prior to applying facial oil for your facial gua sha practice. Includes biodynamic essences of: gold gem elixir, alpine azalea, sphagnum moss, plus rose geranium essential oil, spring water, 10% gluten free vodka. 1 oz glass spray bottle.

Gold gem elixir - helps access and express the highest aspects of our personal identity; brings strength and balance to 3rd chakra; helps tap into our inner truth, joy and wisdom as sources of our creative power.

Alpine azalea flower essence - helps us achieve unconditional self-acceptance through the release of self-doubt; opens our hearts to the spirit of love; teaches us compassion through understanding

Sphagnum moss flower essence - helps us release the need for harsh judgement or criticism of our healing processes; enables us to create a space of unconditional acceptance in our hearts so that core issues can be brought there for healing.

Rose Geranium - emotional balance, helps release negative memories and take a person back to peaceful, joyful moments; help ease nervous tension and stress, lift the spirit and foster hope and well-being.

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