Esum Pro Finishing Makeup Sponges - Two Pack

Esum Pro Finishing Makeup Sponges - Two Pack

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Pro Finishing Makeup Sponges from Esum Cosmetics

A must-have tool for perfecting the art of makeup application.

This unique beauty sponge combines the professional makeup wedge and oval sponge for the perfect makeup tool. This exclusive sponge is designed with two flat angled sides, two scuplting wedges, a precision diffuser and an rounded end. The ESUM Pro Finishing Sponge is easy to grip and fits facial contours effortlessly. From foundation application to blending makeup blunders, this latex free suede texture mimics skin leaving a seamless finish for a flawless makeup application. Ideal for use with liquid, cream and powder makeup.

Sponges are washable and can be reused. Comes in a set of 2 makeup sponges.

ESUM tools are what I use in my professional makeup kit and personally at home.

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