Sippin' Pretty Beauty Tea
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Sippin' Pretty Beauty Tea

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Sippin' Pretty Beauty Tea is here! This 'Beauty Tea' has what you need to keep your skin clear, hydrated and glowing.

This listing is for one tin of tea, packed with two reusable tea bags and directions for multiple uses. The first image in the listing shows the front and back of the packaging.

Blended to be good for your skin inside and out. Sip this luxurious tea for glowing skin, but when it's all gone the benefits are not over!

Here are many other uses for your tea:
• Use the cold tea at the bottom of your cup as a facial toner to sooth and hydrate your skin
• Use your two post brewed tea bags on your eyes to calm tired and de-puff
• Use the wet leaves after you brew to mix with you face and body wash to exfoliate your skin
• Mix the brewed leaves with yogurt or honey for a soothing and calming mask
• Brew some tea into your night time bath to relax in
• The high ratio of Nettle Leaf in this blend also makes it ideal for treating seasonal allergies
• Drink daily

Ingredients: nettle leaf, lemon verbena, rose petals, chamomile, spearmint

Made with love in San Francisco by Shana Astrachan of Fox & Doll Beauty

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