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Squalane from B3

1 oz

A great alternative to the Rose Squalane if you are scent sensitive. 

Derived from olives, Squalane hydrates and replenishes squalene, naturally produced by our own skin to maintain moisture,  which often diminishes with age. This 100% saturated oil, suited for all skin type, provides deep hydration and can also combat acne. Squalane oil can also be used as a wonderfully moisturizing hair oil. 

This oil adds is a hydrating oil for your skin and a great lubricant ideal for facial massage and Gua Sha.

Squalane is naturally produced in our own skin, but as we age, we stop producing as much. Naturally found in olives, this 100% saturated oil moisturizes, fights acne and rids of blemishes.

If you prefer the Rose version order it here

100% Natural Squalane Oil

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