Tea Blends from Fox & Doll
Fox & Doll

Tea Blends from Fox & Doll

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Lung Support Tea - peppermint, lemon balm, nettle, marshmallow, elderflower, elderberries, licorice, and tulsi (bottom left)⁣

$15 for 2oz.⁣

Stovetop Steaming Herbs - bay, cinnamon, thyme, rosemary and sage (bottom right)⁣

$10 for 1oz.⁣

Beauty Elixir Concentrate - rose, hibiscus, rosehip, goji berries and schisandra berries (top left)⁣

$22 for 3oz.⁣

Storage Tin - with reusable fabric tea bag included⁣ (top right)


Made with love in San Francisco by Shana Astrachan of Fox & Doll Beauty

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