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This water-resistant shape-shifter is essential, especially for shorter hair. It has your back (sides and top) covered: Look good without trying too hard. Be groomed with a lived-in vibe. Hold it together without being rigid. Help fine hair feel fuller, and bring unruly hair in line. Finally, leave the patent shine to shoes, and enjoy a low-key, matte finish.

You may also order direct through the HAIRSTORY site through my account with the following link: http://shophairstory.com/www/shopDirectLink/300017934



Start with dry or barely damp hair. Scoop a fingerful of wax pomade. Rub over hands and between fingers until smooth. Work bit by bit through hair until evenly coated, or target areas to refine and define. Tip: Great for edges, details, cowlicks, frizzy bits, and bringing curls together.


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